Shotgun Skills

Our flagship class, Shotgun Skills has been in continuous evolution for decades. Based around the Push-Pull method of recoil control that Rob began teaching in the 1980s, it has become the Gold Standard for shotgun training. We’ve trained thousands of Federal, State, and Local LE students and civilian shooters over the last 30 years. We strive to keep the content current in regards to advances in technique, equipment and ammunition. One thing that has remained firmly in place is our commitment to producing students who can safely, competently, and confidently operate their shotguns.  At the end of the two-day program, a student will possess a comprehensive skill set that allows them to utilize the shotgun in a variety of circumstances.
General topics include recoil management, ammunition selection, shotgun modifications and accessories, slug transitions, patterning and much more.

Advanced Shotgun


After many requests for a program that goes beyond Shotgun Skills and tests the students’ mastery of the fundamentals, we developed Advanced Shotgun.  A fast-paced program that allows the student to explore the limits of their skills while holding them to a high degree of accuracy accountability, AS is the next level in defensive shotgun training. Through the use of carefully selected shooting drills and time/accuracy standards, students test the limits of their ability and equipment. The focus is on performance under pressure.
Completion of our Shotgun Skills course or a recognized program of a similar nature is a prerequisite for this class.


Law Enforcement Shotgun

This program takes key points from our open-enrollment shotgun classes and applies them to a law enforcement role, with a strict emphasis on accuracy and safe movement. This class can be customized for length and content to meet agency requirements and desires.





Additional Courses

In addition to our shotgun curriculum, we also teach a number of other topics.  Featured here are our defensive pistol and safari prep classes.

Safari Preparation

Taught in conjunction with Wilson Combat, this is an exclusive class for small groups of 5 or less.  Safari Prep is for the first-time African hunter who wants to be prepared to get the most from their dream trip. Contact us for more details.


Defensive Pistol

This introductory class takes the student through defensive use of the handgun in a civilian setting. Topics include safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, draw stroke, weapon manipulations, equipment selection and mindset. This program is adaptable to a broad range of skill levels and can be presented in a one-day or two-day format.


LE Basic Precision Rifle

This program is designed as an introduction to the Law Enforcement Precision Rifle. It provides new LE Snipers with the fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully serve in that role. Topics include rifle and optics selection, ammunition choices, external and terminal ballistics, support gear, creating a data book, record keeping, and much more. This program is offered in three-day and five-day formats.