2-Day Shotgun Skills – McLoud, OK

This course primarily focuses on the Push/Pull method of recoil control. Using Rob’s unique method of recoil management, the student will be able to reduce felt recoil by nearly 50% and be able to fire follow-up shots with a 12 gauge pump shotgun as fast as most shooters can fire their pistols. The student will also be introduced to the shotgun CQB technique, which effectively shortens the weapon by 33%, making it effective even in extremely tight quarters.

Other topics include: marksmanship fundamentals, patterning zones, ammunition selection, tactical manipulation, equipment selection, low light considerations, malfunction clearances, pistol transitions, pivots/turns, and shooting on the move.

Instructor: Rob Haught

Dates: Sat/Sun, Mar 19-20, 2022, 8:30am-5:00pm

Location: Mead Hall Range

2181 S. Blackberry Dr, McLoud, OK 74851

Tuition: $469.00 (includes range fee for both days)

Equipment requirements: 

• Reliable tube-fed duty-type shotgun
• Ammo carriage gear (Dump pouch, belt carriers, chest rig, etc, to allow you to bring at least 25 rounds to the line at a time)
• Service pistol and holster
• Eye and ear protection
• Shooting gloves
• Clothing suitable for range work
• Kneepads
• Snacks and water
• Weapons lubricant and cleaning supplies
• 400 rds. birdshot (lead only, no steel shot)
• 25 rds. buckshot
• 25 rds. slug
• 50 rds. pistol

We also highly recommend having an individual trauma first aid kit and the training to use it!


Mar 19 - 20 2022


8:30 am - 5:00 pm




Mead Hall Range
McLoud, OK